British Parliamentary Champions in Oxford, UK - 2022. Alberta Debate Students qualified for Canada at a top debate competition in the UK, the Oxford Finals, 2019. April 2023 - Public School student takes first place in Durban, South Africa.
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Donating is simple and straightforward. You can make a donation online via our Canada Helps Page, via e-transfer, or by sending a cheque directly to our office. No amount is too small, and every contribution is highly appreciated. By supporting ADSA, you are not just investing in our students, but in the future of our society!
Your contribution can make a profound difference in the lives of our students and the impact they will have on our world.

Lifelong Success Begins with Speech & Debate!

Donate via CanadaHelps and help us win $10,000.00! You will receive an instant tax receipt. Make your donation go further by donating via Rogers Birdies for Kids. 100% of funds donated goes directly to your chosen charity. Your donation will then be matched up to 50%!

Canada Helps


CanadaHelps makes giving simple. We are a one-stop shop for charitable giving and fundraising. CanadaHelps will issue you a tax receipt right away. 

Donate Once or Monthly: With CanadaHelps, it is easy to make a donation to any Canadian charity in a few minutes and enjoy the convenience of tax receipts, credit card payments, and e-cards.

Give a Charity Gift Card: Looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of giving with a CanadaHelps Charity Gift Card, and spread good feelings of any occasiopn to someone special.

Donate Spare Change with the Moka App: The Moka app allows Canadians to easily support the charities they care about by rounding up their purchases and donating the spare change.

Rogers Birdies for Kids

(Until August 31, 2024)

Rogers Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink is a non-profit program under the Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation. This program is designed to help raise new funds for local charities, engage the community in the tournament, and provide matching funds for each charity involved. 

  • You can donate online or by cheque until August 31

  • Donations can be made to the Shaw Charity Classic Foundation matching pool or directly to a participating charity

  • Donations directed to a participating charity are matched up to 50% using the Foundation matching pool 

  • All administrative costs are covered by the tournament, meaning 100% of all donations will go directly to the charity selected.

Contact the ADSA Office

If you would like to sponsor a major tournament, please contact the ADSA Office at contact @ albertadebate. com (without the spaces).

Other Ways to Give

Send an e-transfer to: contact @ albertadebate. com (take out the spaces) There is no need for a security question, but please add your contact information to the Message field, so we know who to send the tax receipt to. 

Donate at Work via Benevity: If your workplace offers the opportunity to donate to a charity via Benevity, you can make regular donations. Your payroll administrator can assist with setting this up for you.

Support Speech and Debate in Alberta for Free!

We know that times are rough, thanks to inflation, and the state of the economy. Fortunately, there are ways you can support us and get a tax receipt without actually having to make a monetary donation.
If you've got bottles, old clothing, electronics, or even an old car that needs to be removed, you're all set! No money required, and you don't have to haul anything to a depot - they'll pick everything up!
Got Bottles? Download the Skip the Depot App to donate today! You can turn your vehicle donation into generous dollars to support Alberta Debate and Speech Association! Working on our behalf, Donate a Car Canada will accept your vehicle for donation -- running, or not! Old or new! Two alumni debaters tabbing at 2023 Provincials

Donate Via Skip The Depot

Are you decluttering bottles, clothing, or electronics? Alberta Debate and Speech Association is now accepting donations of bottles, clothing, and electronics through @SkipTheDepot! You can support Alberta Debate and Speech Association today by using our referral link: https://app.skipthedepot.com/adsa

When you sign up for @SkipTheDepot with this referral link, this will pledge your bottles, clothing, and electronics toward supporting our cause!
The great part, you can either download the @SkipTheDepot on your iPhone or Android or alternatively get started on your computer today at SkipTheDepot.com! The best part is that you do not even need to leave the house. Skip The Deport will pick everything up for you. One and done!

Donate A Vehicle

Looking for simple and free car removal? ADSA is partnering with Donate a Car Canada to accept your car donation! You will be provided free towing, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle to ADSA through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction (depending on its condition, age and location). Donate a Car Canada will look after all the details from car removal to the disbursal of your gift, making it easy for both you and ADSA to benefit. You will receive a tax receipt after your vehicle donation has been processed!


Between October and March, we are always looking for volunteers to assist at tournaments, as judges, or in the tabs room. If you have experience in Speech or Debate, this is a great opportunity to give back!

We love our volunteers, and reward them with our eternal gratitude (as well as free food and beverages)!

Why Support Speech and Debate in Alberta?

There are few extracurricular activities that better enrich students’ educational experiences; developing skills of critical thought, analysis, and communication more directly or effectively than Debate and Speech. The skills they learn, and the connections they make empower students to become active, informed, and influential contributors to society. Many successful careers in law, medicine, politics, international relations, motivational speaking, and business have been launched due to the confidence gained through participation in Speech and Debate while they are in Junior and High School. 

There are also few extracurricular activities that were available to students during the COVID-19 Pandemic between 2020 and 2022, when schools had to shut down, and many extracurricular activities were forced to stop indefinitely. In Spring of 2020, National events and Tournaments switched to 100% online participation, allowing Debate students to compete in National and International tournaments from home, with no associated travel costs. In October of 2020, the Alberta Debate and Speech Association started the annual Debate season with all tournaments being held online. The number of tournaments held between 2020 and 2022 increased because it was easy to host a tournament online, and cost very little to tournament hosts and students. During that time, Alberta Students placed highly in all National and International online Debate tournaments because they had so many opportunities to practise via online tournaments. 

We offer inclusive, diverse, and intellectually stimulating tournaments for all students, as well as provide them with an opportunity to participate in National and International Speech and Debate tournaments. The costs of out-of-province tournaments has risen exponentially over the years, especially since restrictions were permanently lifted in 2023. 

We believe in the power of collective action and the impact that every single contribution can make towards helping young people expand their horizons, grow personally and academically, and make their voices heard on national and international platforms. 

Lifelong Success Begins with Speech and Debate! 

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