ADSA Membership

Joining ADSA as a Member

Membership with ADSA is easy and gives school-based speech and debate clubs the opportunity to participate in ADSA sanctioned tournaments throughout the school year. ​Participation in tournaments and other events allow students to qualify for regional, provincial, ​national, and international speech and debate competitions. 

School/Club Memberships

All public and private schools in Alberta are welcome to join ADSA. If you are looking to start a speech or debate club at your school, please consider joining! Please complete our online school membership form.

We offer resources, and support from other debate and speech coaches. 

Schools must renew their memberships annually by October 31. Please contact the Office for information. The fee is $200.00 as of the 2018 Annual General Meeting, voted upon by the Membership.

Individual Memberships

Students can only join ADSA through their schools' debate and/or speech clubs for $20.00 per student. Their coach will assist them with online registration. 

Student memberships will not be accepted after December 15th each year. Coaches will be sent the link to the individual membership form once their schools are registered. 

Private memberships are not available. One cannot become an individual member without being a student at an ADSA member school. If a school does not have a speech or debate club, students can ask to join the club at a school that is an ADSA member. 

Important Note

Private tutoring companies or after-school academies are not eligible to become members of ADSA. 

We encourage these types of organizations to connect with local schools and to help debate and speech clubs grow in those schools.


Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits to having a Speech or Debate club at your school, and an ADSA Membership during the school year include:

Personal Growth

Participating in Speech and Debate develops skills in Critical Thinking, Research, Analytical Thought, empathy, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Leadership, and Creativity.

Support for new clubs and coaches: New to Debate and Speech? No problem!

Our Regional Representatives are available to answer questions about running a club and hosting tournaments. We provide guides and training for running online tournaments as well.

In-Person and Online Events

Tournaments, practices, and other events can all be held online, which allows schools from more remote areas to join. Clubs from all around Alberta can participate due to events being held online. If you've been considering joining, but live in a remote area, this is your year!