The Alberta Debate and Speech Association


Useful Links

The following are links to related Debate and/or Speech websites. If you would like one added, please contact us with the information.

Alberta Sites

Alberta Girls Model Parliament

Forum for Young Albertans

French Youth Association of Alberta Model Parliament

Seminar on the United Nations and International Affairs (SUNIA)

The Speech Studio

Talk the Talk: Speech and Debate Made Easy (book by Alim Merali)

U of A Debate Society

U of A High School Model United Nations (HSMUN)

U of C High School Model United Nations (HSMUN)

U of C Debate Society

Canadian Debate Sites

Canadian Student Debating Federation

Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate

Debate and Speech Association of BC (DSABC)

Debate Camp Canada Holds a summer training camp in public speaking, competitive debate and drama in two locations - West Coast of Canada and one in Ontario, Canada.

Debate New Brunswick

Encounters with Canada

Forum for Young Canadians

Manitoba Speech and Debate - Contains fairly lengthy list of resolutions

Nova Scotia Debating Society

Ontario Student Debating Union

Quebec Student Debating Association

Sacred Heart Debate Camp - Sacred Heart School, Halifax, NB Downloadable resources

SEDAWeb - Website for Saskatchewan Elocution & Debate Association

Statistics Canada

Other Debate Sites

American Forensics Association- The professional organization of educators and researchers in argumentation and public advocacy.

American Parliamentary Debate Association - Eastern US parliamentary university debating.

Arts and Letters Daily - Links to a wide variety of newspapers and magazines

Bangladesh Debating Council - Get 4000 free debating motions - Contains a list of debate topics.

Debate Central - Great site for all major US info with lots of resources available.

Debateable - A site out of Signapore giving introduction to debate and WSDC style.

Debating by Simon Quinn - 'DEBATING' is a comprehensive 'how-to' guide on mastering the art of formal argument. The book covers all aspects of debating: Preparation (including sections on team preparation, individual preparation and teamwork), Rebuttal, Manner, Points of Information and Reply Speeches. It also contains games and activities to assist debaters and their coaches, a number of simple guide sheets and a list of 500 topics, grouped according to their issue. Best of all, it's free!

Debating in Schools - Comprehensive debating resources published by ESU Scotland.

ESU British Debate - Home to the British Isles debating community.

A Great Page About Debates

International Independent School Public Speaking League - Information on the IISPSL competition and rules along with a contact list.

National Christian Forensics and Communications Association - Supports the US home school speech and debate community.

National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence - Provides an opportunity for elite parliamentary debate teams to participate in an annual tournament using a format consistent with both national and international forms of parliamentary debate.

On that Point

World Schools Debating Championships - World High School's debate site.