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Each year, the ADSA produces at least three research packages ,which are designed as self-teaching instruments for debate. Below are this year's resolutions and packages.

The style for debate at both Junior and Senior High levels will be Canadian National Style, with all resolutions using the prefix of "This House" as opposed to "Be It Resolved".

Topic 1: THBT expanding oil pipeline infrastructure is an utmost priority for Canada

Topic 2: THBT states should be allowed to pay other states to relocate and settle refugees

Topic 3: THS legislation that would allow recall elections at every level of Canadian government


THBT “Operation Unthinkable”, proposed by Sir Winston Churchill, should have been supported and implemented on July 1, 1945.

This topic will be debated as the prepared topic at the Caglary, Sir Winston Churchill annual competition on November 26, 2016.


Motion: It is 12 February 1945. This House, as Sir
Winston Churchill, would bomb Dresden.

This topic will be debated as the prepared topic at the Edmonton, Sir Winston Churchill annual competition.

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