The Alberta Debate and Speech Association


Since its beginning in 1972, each year in the fall, the Alberta Debate and Speech Association sponsors a Model Legislature in the Legislative Chamber in Edmonton. The event is open to students in Grade 10 to 12 with spaces available for 83 students (equivalent to the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly). (Preference given to grade 11 & 12).

On the Friday night, students are introduced to Parliamentary Procedure through an opening ceremonies, followed by their party breakout. During this party caucus, the young parliamentarians develope strategies for the weekend, elect leaders and cabinet positions within their group, and shape their parties strategies for success.

The procedure in the Model Legislature is the same as the procedure in a regular Legislature and gives the students a "feel" for how things are actually done by the MLAs. They debate motions and learn about parliamentary process, citizenship, leadership, responsibility, confident public speaking and critical and logical thought.

When the legislature is in session the young students participate in heated debate, and get to experience the many nuances of defending their parties platforms while trying to achieve political change through the submission of mock bills.